Grand Junction Crime Count (Feb 22-29)

By Kevin Strong-Holte

Grand Junction, Colo.—For the week of February 22 through the 29, the Grand Junction Police Department reported the following statistics regarding local arrests and crimes:

Drug/Liquor Related (DUI) – 25 (5)

Burglary/Theft – 21

Warrant – 10

Fraud/Forgery – 4

Assault – 4

Disorderly Conduct – 3

Sex Offense – 0

Other* – 9

*Criminal Mischief, Weapons Violation, Trespass, Assist Other Agency, Restraining Order Violation

These numbers are a summary of the Grand Junction Police Department’s public “Daily Patrol Resumes.” Their accuracy is a reflection of the department’s reporting and should not be taken as definitive without official confirmation from the Grand Junction Police Department.

Full daily reports can be viewed at the Grand Junction Police Department’s website:

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