Summer Bucket List

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With summer vastly approaching there are many things to do in the great city of Grand Junction. Unlike many other areas in the state, there are a plethora of outdoor activities within 30 minutes of the city. Here are a few activities that should make everyone’s summer bucket list.


Mt. Garfield

The Bookcliffs span over 200 miles on the western slope and Mt. Garfield is a hike I recommend for everyone. While the hike is only two miles long, the 2000 ft. elevation change can make it difficult for some. There are two trails you can take to the top, Mount Garfield Trail and Gearhart Mine Trail (2.5 miles long). The trail is fairly steep but the view from the top makes it all worth it. The 2,000 ft. lookout point gives an amazing view of the Grand Valley. Along with the remarkable scenery, a feeling of accomplishment comes with conquering one of the valleys famous landmarks.garfield


Golf at Redlands Mesa

This amazing golf course has been described by Golf Digest as, “playing golf along the bottom of the Grand Canyon, with a couple of sojourns to the Garden of the Gods thrown in.” Surrounded by the Colorado National Monument, the views from the course are almost distracting. While it’s not going to be as cheap in price as Lincoln golf course in town, the experiencing is worth the price. The golf course spans over 500 acres and can be played by all skill levels. So if you’re looking for the best golfing experience in Grand Junction, than Redlands Mesa is for redlands


Float from Corn Lake to Botanical Gardens

Floating the river with a couple buddies is the perfect way to spend a warm summer afternoon. The float starts at Corn Lake just off 32 road and takes about 4 hours to get to Botanical Gardens (641 Struthers Avenue Grand Junction, CO 81501). Most people don’t float the river at the start of summer because the river tends to be very high and fast. While asking around is the best way to find out, the middle of June tends to be ideal for floating. You can buy cheap tire tubes from the automotive department at Wal-Mart, or go the fancier route and buy an actual lake tube. Sometimes tubes can get warn out throughout the float, so the cheaper route is recommended. Besides tubes, all that you will need is a swimsuit, a cooler full of your favorite beverages, and some good friends. This is truly the most fun you’ll have with no admission ticket required.river

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