MavRides Director Hands The Title Over

By Katelyn

The long standing MavRides Director Josh Dillinger is handing over the title to John Elliot. Dillinger is headed to be the ASG President for the 2016-2017 school year. He is excited to be the president of the student body, and says its a bittersweet moment to pass the torch to Elliot, and let go of MavRides.

Josh Dillinger started working for MavRides as a freshman and was given the Director position in 2014. Dillinger says, “I volunteered to drive a lot as a freshman and decided to apply to be a dispatcher but when I walked in they offered me the director position (no one else applied) and I took it having no idea what I was doing.” But over the 2 years of gaining experience he now has to say, “But despite those “why the hell do I do this job” moments it has been an amazing ride. I have definitely enjoyed my time and I think I will miss everything about it. I will miss having the relationship with the team and the volunteers, I will definitely miss the stories the drivers have at the end of the night, I will miss being known as the MavRides guy and constantly being asked about it no matter where I go, and I will miss driving and just seeing my fellow mavericks having a great time enjoying their night.”

While Dillinger held his title as MavRides Director the organization grew exponentially MavRides went from running Friday and Saturday nights to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, from 9pm-3am. As well as adding an extra car every night. He states, “We have just barley doubled our numbers since I came on. We went from offering about 7,000 students in the semesters before I took over to serving just over 14,000 students this past fall. Keep in mind that is not rides, that is number of students through the cars. This semester has been our busiest semester yet and we ended with 4,146 rides, which reached 14,179 students throughout those rides.”

As Dillinger lets go of his baby he feels confident in giving John Elliot the title. Elliot is a freshman and has been a dispatcher for MavRides this past year, and has many great ideas for the program. Dillinger hopes that with Elliot the program can take on a larger roll with safety on campus. He hopes that the program will reach out and show students how to be safe when drinking, and to educate the dispatchers on alcohol poisoning, as well as showing students how to be safe when going out on the weekends.

For any questions or comments please contact MavRides at 970-248-2222.

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