Graduation…What’s next?

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By Jesse Montavon

For some of us, graduation is just around the corner (this Saturday). Although this is a big event in a persons life and is almost always celebrated, for some people this can be a very scary time. We have been in school every year since the age of 6, and now that period of our lives is ending. The common thing to do right now is apply for thousands of jobs and accept the best one that comes across our table as soon as possible. Student loans start collecting 6 months after graduation, so most of us need to find an income stream pretty fast. With all these major life changes occurring, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

  1. Relax: you’re not the only one. Although it may feel as if the world is about to crash down all around you, remember that thousands of kids are feeling the exact same way. You’re not the only one who is scrambling for a job, preparing to pay back some loans, and/or getting ready to move. Talk to some friends about these changes that are about to occur: chances are you all are feeling the same things.
  2. You don’t need to rush into a job right away. Contrary to popular belief, you will be okay if you pass on the first full-time job opportunity that comes your way. Even though you may desperately need money and it may seem like these job offers don’t come often, don’t be afraid to hold off until you get a good feeling about a job. Once you accept a job, your not going to be able to accept an offer for a little while. Just relax and trust your gut.
  3. Student loans suck, but don’t ignore them. If you have had the unfortunate luck of having to apply for student loans to pay for your college, then the hammer is about to drop after graduation. With ridiculous interest rates and minimum payment amounts, student loan payments will be here before we know it. However big the sum is, it will do us good to get going on the payments right away to avoid late payment fees.
  4. The next 5 years can be the best years of your life, or the worst. It’s all a matter of attitude. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. If you feel like you’re entering a shitty job situation, then you probably are. If you feel like you’re entering an exciting new chapter in your life where you can finally focus on your career only, instead of working two low-paying jobs while going to school full time, then you probably are. Get excited. We’re still young, and our whole lives are ahead of us even though we are done with school forever!

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