Res Hall Check Out 101

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By Katelyn Hansen

For students living on campus within the dorm buildings, its check out time. For the freshman who this is your first rodeo, please be aware that checking out the dorms is not difficult but it must be done.

What Res Life would like students to know. There is a check out list posted on each person’s dorm door, please follow that. Basically pack your dorm up, clean your dorm, take out the trash, lower the bed down to the lowest 3 rungs on the frame, leave the red recycling bag, and vacuum the room. Then please sign up for a check out time with the hall RA, or any RA in the building. Within the building on each floor there is an RA’s bulletin board, and on the board is a list with all the charges that a resident can receive.

Also please be aware that after a student completes their last final they have 24 hours to check out of their room, unless previously discussed with their RA, or Res Life. If a student does not go through the check out process they will be fined $100.

The most common questions that RA’s are asked about moving out are best explained by, RA Delaney Neal. A resident asks, “There’s a scratch on the wall, and I didnt do it will I be charged?” Delaney says, “As long as the student wrote that scratch on their check in sheet they will not, or if it wasn’t made by them.” Another question asked by a resident is, “My roommates side of the room is a mess will I be in trouble, or fined for that?”, Delaney’s answer is that no the resident will not be charged, as long as the mess is not on that students side of the room.” Another question is, “I want to check out the night before I leave because I’m leaving early in the morning can I do that?” Delaney answers, “So long as they have a light change of clothes, and have gone through the check out process.”

This is what to know when checking out of the dorms. If there are any additional questions ask the hall RA, or call Res Life at 970.248.1536.

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