Palisade Brewery

It’s the end of the semester and the weather is heating up. Time to head away to Palisade, home to one of the greatest local breweries. Palisade Brewery, 200 Peach Avenue, makes all of their beers in-house with a unique variety of flavors and variations. They offer a unique twist on the traditional brewery with amazing views of the surrounding areas. Some of their beers have won awards. My personal favorite is the “Dirty Hippie”, a wheat malt beer with hints of chocolate and caramel, which has received nationwide recognition. Another signature beer is the “High Desert Red”, a red ale with citrus undertones.


If you get hungry, the Palisade Brewery has an extensive menu of “pub grub” including nachos ($4.50), chicken wings ($7.50), soup of the day ($5.00), assorted sandwiches and paninis ($8.00-11.00), and bacon or jalepeno cheesecake ($8.00).


Tuesday is taco night – $1.50 per taco starting at 4pm. Thursdays is “Texas Hold’em” night with cards starting at 6:30pm. Come in today with your family and friends to try some of their award winning beers and food, you surely won’t be let down!

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is a new outdoor sport that is gaining popularity. Unlike traditional golf, minimal inexpensive equipment is needed – just a Frisbee and a course. The West Lake Frisbee disc golf course is located off 1st Street and Orchard Avenue, in the heart of Grand Junction. Just a short drive away from Colorado Mesa University’s campus, this city-run course is a great place for everyone, from novices to experienced players.


The object of Frisbee golf is to throw your Frisbee along a course, similar to a golf course, and have it land in various chain “holes”.  The player who uses the fewest throws to land their Frisbee in all of the holes wins.


The course is grassy, with very little obstacles, which makes it much tougher to loose your discs. Courses with creeks and trees offer plenty of places to lose your Frisbee along the way.


Even if it is your first time going out to play disc it’s a great place to come with friends and have some fun learning the game. With 9 unique holes, each with its own twists and turns, it’s a great place to develop your skills while being outside enjoying the sunshine with your family and friends.



Now that summer is here it’s time to get outside and start enjoying. See you there!

Grand Junction Parks

Looking for something to do today outside to take advantage of this great summer weather? Grab your board and head on over to the Westlake Skate Park, at 325 West Orchard.

This skate park has 2 different bowls to ride in, as well as ramps to ride and rails to grind. There is something for everyone from young beginners to the most advanced skaters.

This local spot is popular with kids from the surrounding areas on the weekends, but during the week it is usually fairly empty. Beginners, this is your time to go. Experienced riders can appreciate the deep drops on the bowls. The park is open daily from 5 AM to 1030 PM.

Prefer mountain biking? Try out the Lunch Loop Bike Park between Monument Road and Little Park Road. There are 2 trails with dirt hills and jumps. The first, “Free Lunch”, is challenging for bikers and can also be used by hikers.  The other trail, “Pucker Up” is for the more experienced mountain biker, and is off-limits to hikers. This park is a great place to go to get in shape after a long winter before heading out into more isolated trails. GJ skate park

Grand Junction Riding


Grand Junction is located next to one of the biggest and most diverse recreational areas around – the desert. If you like to go off-road biking, hiking, atv driving, shooting guns, or riding motorcycles, then this is the place for you. For mountain biking, the North Fruita Desert Management area has miles of trails. The best places for shooting prairie dogs or targets is closest to the bookcliffs.

Scenic and challenging areas for motorcycle and ATV driving are endless and are always a thrill. On the weekends this is a bustling area for locals to come out and push their machines to the limit, and often times people will bring out their motorcycle ramps and do lots of crazy tricks on their bikes.

The territory for exploring is endless in all directions. Get out and enjoy it!

Tuesdays are for Ninjas

In the dark recesses of local bars there are groups of people sitting in the dark and whispering to each other. They call themselves ninjas but they aren’t the kind that wear all black and assassinate their rivals.

These are the quiz ninjas. Their weapon of choice is knowledge. Knowledge of random facts and trivia answers.

Every Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. teams gather inside Baron’s Cafe. Dustin Coren is the ninja that leads these teams through their quizzical trial. Coren asks about movies to rare (and not so rare) medical ailments. He plays clips from songs and television shows for the contestants to name. He asks some of the most obscure questions many of the contestants have ever heard. Television quiz games have nothing on what the ninjas play.

The teams gather together and fill out their forms quietly so that their opponents cannot sneak a peek or catch an answer in the wind.

The greatest thing about this competition, these ninjas do all their mental acrobatics while indulging in local brews. And what do the victors receive for all their hard work? More local brews!


Kenneth Coles

Student Adventurer

Nick Scott is a geology major at CMU who works at the Outdoor Program. But it’s not what he does here in Grand Junction that makes him so interesting, it’s what he does when he isn’t here.

Nick has travelled to about 15 countries in the last 3 years including Brazil, Vietnam, India, Australia and the Philippines, along with many more.

He began traveling with the Outdoor Program on one of their international expedition classes and hasn’t looked back since. He spends a semester at CMU followed by a semester abroad every year.

Nick recently returned from a four month excursion starting in Australia and ending in India making there way through most of South East Asia with his girlfriend Sabina Boman from Toronto, Canada.

The two met last year while Nick was on a trip through Vietnam and have together ever since.

The two aren’t sure what their next adventure will be but they are very excited to start the next chapter.