Rock Jam 2014 canceled

Along with the name change from Rock Jam to Loudwire Music Festival, the new festival is getting a new website.

Along with the name change from Rock Jam to Loudwire Music Festival, the new festival is getting a new website.

By Stephanie Cochran

GRAND JUNCTION – Rumors and speculations have been circulating for weeks about the future of Rock Jam, a popular rock music festival located on the Jam Ranch in Mack. Rock Jam announced on their Facebook page Tuesday that Rock Jam was canceled this year and that they were retiring the name.  They touch on their reasons for ending Rock Jam on their Facebook page stating,

“…we learned a lot from your comments over the last few months, both in the surveys that we did and over social media. It became obvious we needed to make some changes to the Rock Jam brand in order to bring you the best experience possible. For that reason, we have decided to retire the Rock Jam brand.”

A new festival will take the place of Rock Jam in 2015 and will be called the Loudwire Music Festival.  There is a tie to the popular music news site which both entities are owned by the same company Townsquare Media. A story about the new festival was also released on the website stating,

“While we’re not set to reveal the exact date or the lineup right now, we can promise the event will feature big names from the worlds of hard rock, metal, classic rock and alternative rock. Loudwire is striving to create the most dynamic, interesting and fun rock music festival experience in the West and to set the bar high for the quality of talent.”

The hope is with a larger and more well known name, Loudwire Music Festival will be able to bring in large name acts as well as attract attendees from across the US.

Fans of and past attendees of Rock Jam have taken to the Facebook page in full force.  Some have expressed excitement at the prospect of something new while others comment on their concerns over the change.  Common concerns currently deal with a rise in prices, change of dates, as well as music artists who will be in attendance.


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Top 5 Activities in Summer for Students

For the few students staying in Grand Junction over the Summer, here are a few ideas of safe and fun activities:

#1: Floating the River:

Enjoy a day with your friends peacefully floating down the Colorado River in an inner tube or rent kayaks from the Outdoor Program.  It is a good way to get outdoors and see the sights as well as getting a thrill from tiny waves.  Park your car in Palisade and end up in Redlands.  Nice 3 hour float in the sun with your friends.

#2: Palisade Street Distillery: 

If you are over 21 come hang out in Palisade enjoying their handmade gin and vodka in a multitude of mixed drinks.  With a great patio selection and card games to enjoy, it is a great way to hang out with your friends and sip on some authentic gin and vodka while enjoying the beautiful view.

#3: Grand Junction Rockies 

Come down to Suplizio Field to catch a a game of the up and coming Grand Junction Rockies.  Bring your friends or family and sip on a beer while watching the action.  It is a great way to unwind from a hard day of work or to catch up with old friends.  Their schedules are always posted on their website with times and locations.

#4: Hiking

With the Colorado Monument just a few minutes away, this offers students and locals a chance to hike up one of the most beautiful locations in all of Colorado.  The trails range from easy to difficult depending on what you want to do.  Each trail offers a different aspect of toughness, from climbing up rocks, to crossing over rivers.  The trails are unique and catered to your own needs depending on what you want to accomplish.  With entry to the Monument only being 7 dollars, and the pass lasting a week, you can do different trails each day.

#5: Palisade Wine Tastings 

For the over 21 year olds, Palisade offers free wine tastings in the area.  There is also a store where people can rent bikes and ride around to all the different wineries.  Take your bike around to each winery and enjoy the local wine Palisade has to offer.    

Peaches vs Cantaloupe: A Statewide Debate

PALISADE – Earlier this week in Denver Colorado, a bill to allow Palisade Peaches to be Colorado’s State fruit was thrown out by the state House Wednesday morning.

One reason the fruit was dismissed came from another state grown fruit, the Rocky Ford cantaloupe.

There were just too many objections about making the peach a recognized State fruit.  Many local produce growers had an issue with the idea.

Daniel Estes stated that “technically Georgia is the Peach State, it would just be confusing for people in Colorado to have peaches be their state fruit.”

In a turn of events, it is actually stated that cantaloupes are classified as vegetables.

Love and Lights Fashion Show

1920379_1477563589133680_867275503_nGRAND JUNCTION, CO – Colorado Mesa University’s local radio station, KMSA 91.3, is tuning up for another spectacular fashion show.  This will be KMSA’s second fashion show to help raise money for charities and expose the students to a different kind of art most don’t get to see.

Last years spooky fashion show featured clothing from Pollux and had donation boxes set up for a clothing and money drive through Salvation Army.  With music personally produced by Andy Bowen and students being the models the turn out was fantastic.  Bringing in press from around the community and the right amount of hype for KMSA to thrive once again.

This years show is a bit different.  Clothing is still donated by Pollux and music still produced by Andy Bowen.  This years shows theme is Love and Lights a rendition of a night in Paris.  Most of the models from the first year came back to strut their stuff once again, with newer models being recruited for the project.

The show is Friday April 18, 2014 starting at 7pm in the University Center Ballroom.  Tickets are not required but a 5 dollar donation for students is appreciated.  Come show your support to your local Colorado Mesa University students along with KMSA radio station.  You will not be disappointed by the performance.

Southwest Arbor Fest

GRAND JUNCTION, CO – Help celebrate the 13th Annual Southwest Arbor Fest this weekend at Lincoln Park in Grand Junction this Saturday April 19, 2014.

Along with salsa and chili competitions, there will also be a Colorado Craft Beer Expo for ages 21+ to enjoy.  All ages are welcome to partake in the live music, arts and crafts, and tons of delicious food to enjoy.

The festival is from 12:00-5:00pm. 20 dollars will get your a commemorative glass to taste unlimited samples of beer from all around Colorado.  Including local Kannah Creek Brewing Company, Odell Brewing Company, and Telluride Brewing Company just to name a few.

So come on down and experience another wonderful Saturday in Grand Junction to celebrate the 13th year of Arbor Fest.